United Teaching​

At Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology we are pleased to welcome people who want to train to teach their chosen subject at secondary level. As part of United Learning, we work with United Teaching to train teachers to a high standard. As you will see from the testimonies on this page, Beginner Teachers have found their experience of training at CAST a rewarding and excellent experience. 

We do occasionally work with other local training organisations to offer placements to teachers on their first or second teaching practice. 

If you would like more information about training to teach with us at Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology, please contact Catherine Edmunds: catherine.edmunds@cambridgeast.org.uk

Early Career Framework

Already have QTS from a PGCE or school based Initial Teacher Training? 

At Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology we work closely with United Teaching to ensure that our Early Career teachers have the support and challenge that they need. Early Career Teachers have a dedicated mentor and a weekly mentor meeting. They participate in regular professional learning tailored to teachers just entering their career, relating to pedagogy and subject specialism. In addition, all staff at CAST undertake continuing professional development appropriate for all stages of their career. 

I am very happy to be at CAST. The support I receive from all my colleagues, especially from my line manager, is incredible. We not only share good practices and resources, but they also give me advice and comfort. Their trust in me, together with my passion for teaching, makes me strive every day to improve as a professional.  

Elisa (NQT 2021)

 I have really valued the input from my mentor and Professional Tutor, who have been extremely supportive and have provided me with great insight into good teaching practices. 

Richard (NQT 2021)