Careers Guidance​

Cambridge is contributing to the UK's economic development and this is driven by the large number of very successful science and technology companies in the region. There are over 1,500 companies in the Cambridge Technology Cluster, employing over 53,000 people and generating over £12billion a year (and that is before you consider science and technology jobs in academia and healthcare!).

Progression is at the centre of all that we do at Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology. We want every one of our students to have the best possible chance of succeeding in their chosen career path. Therefore, we expect each student to achieve their best in their academic studies, in their ‘Challenge Project’ work and in the many other opportunities that we provide.

To support students in progressing to their chosen careers we provide a bespoke Careers Educations, Information, Advice, and Guidance (CEIAG) programme facilitated by staff that are passionate about students achieving their ambitions. Each student receives personalised guidance in developing CV writing skills, interview technique, sixth form and apprenticeship applications. To support students in progressing to their chosen careers we provide a week’s work experience for all of our year 10 students.

Because our students meet so many employers, they learn about a wide range of careers and develop the skills and confidence to conduct themselves in a professional environment. Involving employers at the heart of our education enables students to build professional networks and opens doors and work experience opportunities that are not always available elsewhere.

  • In year 9 students start to look at their own strengths and also the jobs around the Cambridge area and beyond.
  • In year 10 we take students through the process of applying for a job. The students have workshops on how to write a CV and covering letter, after which they produce their own CV. They then sit down with an external expert to receive personalised feedback on their CV. They also have a mock interview and feedback, again from an external expert. Having learnt how to apply for a job, students apply for, and complete a week’s work experience.
  • In year 11 CEIAG is focussed on supporting students in applying for the next stage of their education, be that sixth form, further education, an apprenticeship, or job with training. However, before that starts students attend careers carousels to get them thinking where they want to be in 2+ years’ time ensuring that they are making educated decisions about the next steps in their education.

In addition to the core guidance outlined above, all students receive at least one 1:1 guidance meeting with a careers advisor in key stage 4. They also receive education in managing money, employment rights, trades unions and human resources through the Wider Curriculum, as well as learning employability skills through the Challenge programme.

Throughout their time at CAST students build up a Portfolio of Achievement that brings together their academic, employability, CEIAG and personal skills into a document that they can use to support them achieve their career aspirations in the future.

Our Careers Educations, Information, Advice, and Guidance (CEIAG) programme is reviewed annually.

The CAST careers lead is Alistair Easterfield, contact CAST-Careers@CambridgeAST.org.uk.