Student Support​

Supporting students to succeed

The transition from school to Sixth Form and beyond is an exciting time and one which brings many challenges. We aim to support and guide students every step of the way to bridge the divide between school, university and employment.

Sixth form leadership team

The Head of Sixth Form and our Pastoral Support Manager will be on hand to ensure the level of support students need is available whenever it is required.

Academic tutor team

When students join the Sixth Form they are allocated a tutor who has dedicated time both to get to know and to support students during their time at CAST and also to prepare students for the next step. Students have regular and formalised group sessions with their tutor to discuss progress, help solve any problems that arise and agree targets and to study aspects of the wider curriculum. Tutors work closely with students, subject teachers and, if appropriate, the Student Support Team. This ensures that they have a thorough understanding of a student’s need and can offer the best advice to help every student to achieve the highest possible levels of success in all areas of Sixth Form life.

Student guidance team

Further guidance will be readily available from a variety of other professionals including the Assistant Principal with responsibility for Careers and Higher Education.

Special Educational Needs and Disability

Our dedicated SEND staff develop individual support plans with students and their families to ensure that classroom teachers are informed of the best teaching approaches. Specific support structures for those with local authority education and health care plans for high level needs are thoughtfully designed and delivered.