Industrial Partnerships​

As a UTC and specialist STEM college our remit is to prepare students to become successful members of the STEM community once they have completed their school education. This could be immediately after sixth form, entering an apprenticeship or having completed a university degree. We are very aware that practical science and employability skills are often missed from traditional school curricula. To this end, in collaboration with a range of industry experts, we have developed an innovative curriculum to ensure that our students not only leave us with the academic qualifications that will enable them to enter the workforce, but also have the requisite skills to allow them to flourish when they get there. Feedback from employers indicates that we succeed in this aim, as does feedback from our alumni who find a CAST education prepares them exceptionally well for higher education and employment in the STEM sector. 

We achieve the practical and employability skills that employers want, and students need, by setting Challenge Projects. Challenge Projects are extended projects that are co-designed and delivered with partners in industry to address the skills needed in their particular industries and highlight opportunities that their sector offers.   

We are always looking for new industry partners to help us develop new projects, so if you have a skills shortage in your industry, an interest in science education, or would like a chance to meet potential new employees/apprentices we would love to hear from you. 

Please contact Alistair Easterfield:  Alistair.Easterfield@CambridgeAST.org.uk


As an employer, I love working with CAST students as they are always enthusiastic about their future careers and are equipped with the kinds of STEM skills that we really need.

Charlotte Steggall, Early Careers and Social Media Manager, AVEVA Group plc 

Morgan Sindall Construction has partnered with CAST, as they embed employer engagement and applied learning as part of their curriculum delivery, which gives us a great opportunity to identify future talent pipeline for our degree apprenticeships, summer placement and graduate opportunities that we recruit for each year.

Helen Clements, Social Value Manager, Construction East

CAST students are very switched on to the world of STEM; they engage effectively and are always fun to work with.

Oliver Clarke, Head of Division, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions