Clubs & Activities​

Extra curricular activities allow students to pursue interests outside of a standardised academic context which they may not have encountered before. They can also help students build professional skills such as leadership, teamwork and resilience that a classroom alone cannot always foster. These are skills which future employers will be looking for. Most importantly, our programmes are great fun and give students the chance to spend time with others with similar interests.

Activity Time Location Contact
Robotics TBC CAST colin.bashford@cambridgeAST.org.uk
Duke of Edinburgh TBC CAST margarita.beltran@cambridgeAST.org.uk
Funk Band Mon, 4.30-5.45pm Coleridge Music Room rebecca.lewis@coleridgeCC.org.uk
VOX (Choir) Wed, 4-5.30pm Coleridge Radegund Hall
PFO (Orchestra) Wed, 6-7.40pm Coleridge Radegund/Music Room
Big Band Fri, 4-5pm Coleridge Music Room
Latin Wed, 5pm Google Classroom: igsq6i7 angela.dix@parksidecc.org.uk
CUFC Y9/10 Football Fri, 3.30-4.30pm Trumpington Community College Free registration required here
Fencing - discounted rate Wed, 3.15-4.15 Trumpington - The Studio

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sarah.paveley@me.com 07837 933603

Religious Studies Thurs, 2.50-3.40pm CAST Rm108 tracy.brogan@cambridgeAST.org.uk
Rainbow Club Fri, 2.50-3.40pm CAST Rm124 margarita.beltran@cambridgeAST.org.uk