Attendance and Punctuality

Reporting Student Absence

To advise of student absence, please contact us on 01223 724300, or email  attendance@CambridgeAST.org.uk

Receiving a full-time education will give your child the best possible start in life. Attending school regularly and punctually is essential if students are to make the most of the opportunities available to them. 

Student Services monitor the attendance and punctuality of all students. The majority of students have good attendance and punctuality. However, should your child’s school attendance and/or punctuality become a cause for concern (below 96%) we will contact you via a series of statutory letters. This is in line with guidance from the government and the Local Authority. 

You may also be required to attend a meeting to discuss your child’s attendance, even if this is due to illness. 

Parents and carers are legally required to ensure that their children regularly attend the school at which he/she is registered. Parents and carers who fail to do this may be liable to prosecution and a fine of up to £2500 and/or three months in prison. 

We strongly discourage parents and carers using term-time to book holidays and visits. Permission is only given for exceptional events. Individual requests should be forwarded to the Principal.