Key Staff

Leadership Team

Danielle Pacey Principal
Alex Caley Assistant Principal - Life Sciences
Alistair Easterfield Assistant Principal - Wider Curriculum
Colin Bashford Assistant Principal - STEM
Tracy Brogan Assistant Principal - Sixth Form & English

Heads of Year and Key Stage

Margarita Beltran Head of Year 9
Laura Atkin Head of Years 10 and 11
Tracy Brogan Head of Years 12 and 13

Head of Department

Whitney Pindred Head of Biology
Clare Ashworth Head of Chemistry
Barry Cooper Head of Computing and Technology
Tracy Brogan Head of English
Sam Lakin Head of Geography
Mike Matthews Head of Maths (Years 9-11)
Ysanne Smith Head of Maths (Years 12-13)
Jenny Moss Head of Vocational Studies

Other Key Teaching Staff

Sam Lakin SENDCO
Barry Cooper Deputy SENDCO
Orsolya Lukacs Wider Curriculum

Support Staff Leadership

Sue Fanning Business Support Coordinator
Fiona Donnelly Head of Pastoral Care
Jonathan Spoczynski Head of SEND