Why study at CAST​?


I decided to come to the school because of the amazing opportunities there are to learn more about science, and everybody is very supportive.

Michelle Year 10

What does Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology (CAST) offer?

CAST is an inspiring, specialist science academy, for young people aged 13-19. The college offers a programme of GCSE, A level and T Level courses along with a unique opportunity to work with nearby business organisations involved in science, engineering and technology.

Situated in the heart of Cambridge’s Biomedical Campus, the college is surrounded by world-leading academic and commercial organisations which sponsor, support and contribute to the life and work of the college

Students work in state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities, learning in innovative and exciting ways, supported by CAST’s unique partnerships with business. CAST therefore gives its students a head start into their future careers.

The academy’s curriculum is focused on Pathways into eight different career sectors. So, whether students want to pursue Life Sciences, STEM (Science, Technology Engineering & Maths) or more general ‘Applied Sciences’, we guide them into the subjects and experiences which will support their career plans.

Business employees lead college Challenge Projects. These engage and stretch all students for one day a week, every week, introducing them to real and relevant research and work. This provides every learner with a portfolio of experiences and attributes that are highly prized by universities and employers alike.

CAST Sixth Form is a high performing, firmly established sixth form with a strong track record of both academic excellence and student progress. With students from many different schools both national and international, the sixth form has a vibrant atmosphere with a wealth of opportunities, while at the same time being small enough to ensure our students are all known and treated as individuals. If you choose to join us, we can help you achieve the highest possible academic outcomes through a combination of outstanding teaching, our unique position as an academy for science and technology and the close support needed to thrive in a more independent environment.

CAST is a United Learning school and also supported by the Baker Dearing Trust as a University Technical College (UTC).


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