Dress Code​

Sixth Form students need to dress in smart casual clothes. Dress should be neat, tidy and comfortable as befits the workplace. You are working in a learning environment and your choice of clothes must reflect this. 

The following are permitted: 

  • Jeans without tears or rips
  • Knee-length skirts or dresses
  • Trousers, combats, smart trousers and cords
  • Shorts, knee-length, tailored
  • Shirts, blouses, t-shirts, hoodies and jumpers (all without inappropriate logos). 
  • Leggings when worn with a top that covers to at least the mid-thigh. 
  • Shoes or trainers suitable for the workplace 

The following are not permitted: 

  • Torn/ripped jeans 
  • Revealing t- shirts and/or tops (eg. crop tops or tops with a plunge neckline) 
  • Vest tops 
  • Shorts and skirts that are not at least knee length 
  • No open-toed shoes or shoes without backs to them (eg. sandals or flip-flops) 
  • Inappropriate logos on any item of clothing 
  • Hats (such as baseball caps) and gloves inside school buildings 
  • Joggers or tracksuits